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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekly Link Roundup

I've been keeping my own private "links of interest" list for a while now -- a little roundup of the interesting blog posts, videos, articles, and websites I find each week. This week, I thought I'd go ahead and share it.  I'm hoping to make this a regular blog feature in the new year.
  1. Fossil wallet plus DayTimer 2PPD (@Sense of Gravity)
  2. Using the Plannerisms planner as a Goals workbook (@Plannerisms)
  3. Old Art Journals Rediscovered: Collage Journal (@A Penchant for Paper)
  4. A Virgin Planner (@Bits of Me)
  5. I Will Catch Up (@My Supply Room)
  6. New Premium Line of TUL Pens from OfficeMax (@No Pen Intended)
  7. Notebook Addict of the Week (again) -- Kara (@Notebook Stories)
  8. Review: Bound Custom Journals (@Notebook Stories)
  9. Avery NoteTabs Heart and Apple Shape (@OfficeSupplyGeek)
  10. Web Finds -- 8 December 2012 (@Philofaxy)
  11. Beyond Transportation and Stationery (@Scription)
  12. Going to give my personal size a go...Again (@Planning Is Nirvana)
  13. Permanent Apparently Doesn’t Mean Forever – Sharpies Fade (@Tiger Pens Blog)
  14. Finally! Tabbed Inserts for the Compact (@Well Planned Life)
  15. The Tell-All Planner (@Well Planned Life)
  16. DIY Planner Cover-First Look! (@School Supply Dance)
  17. Diary testing: 2PPD (@Living with Liisa)
  18. Free 2013 Calendar Inserts Available for Download (@Journaling Arts)
  19. ARC Customizable Notebook System From Staples (@Inkophile)
  20. Raider of the (not really Lost) Arc (@the zeitgeist of zoe) 
  21. Cahier Bookmark (@My Moleskine)
  22. Living With A Traveler’s Notebook (@Recording Thoughts)
  23. DIY Planner (@Stellaire)
  24. Blog planner (@Little Lovelies)
  25. DIY Planner (@The Tiny Nest in China)

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  1. Ooo! Thank you so much for including me in your blog finds. I see there are some that I'm missing, so I'll have to take a look and update my blog roll. :)


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