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Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Link Roundup and Hello Again

Well, I seem to be neglecting this blog again.  Spring has been very busy for me this year.  Not complaining -- I like keeping busy.  But I really don't want to let Supply Cabinet Chronicles die away completely.  So, to get things rolling again (or try to, anyway) -- links to just a few of the articles and blog posts that have caught my eye lately:


  • In an interview before appearing in Austin's Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival, Janeane Garofalo speaks of many things -- including her longtime habit of writing things down in notebooks.  See: A Lot of Chatter. (Austin Chronicle, 4/26/2013, interview by Robert Faires)
  • I love this "Journal Spreads" post by Wendy Miller (on her Bits of Me blog, 4/27/2013) about her eclectic journaling system. It's sort of the way I journal, myself.

  • A couple of interesting recent posts by George Fox, over at his My Supply Room blog:

    "My Lindy Pens" (3/24/2013)  Lindys were my faves back in the '60s. George has an amazing collection of them.

    "New Pencil Boxes"
    (4/15/2013)  Gosh, I have fond memories of pencil boxes just like these, but 1950s-vintage.  But way back then, I didn't care that much about the cute pencil boxes my mom bought me every year -- what I really wanted was a really truly old-fashioned cigar box to stow my gear in!